The Board and its Committees

The Board consists of the Chairman, three executive Directors and three Independent Non-executive Directors. Biographical information for all Board members can be viewed on the Board of Directors page. The roles of the Chairman, Senior Independent Director and Group Chief Executive are outlined in the latest Annual Report and Accounts.

The Board has adopted a Corporate Governance Framework which sets out the basis for how the Board and its Committees operate.

The Board has established an Audit and Risk Committee and a Remuneration Committee both of which comprise the three Independent Non-executive Directors. The Audit and Risk Committee is chaired by Rosemary Hilary and the Remuneration Committee is chaired by Tim Edwards. A Nomination Committee comprising Neil Record and the three Independent Non-executive Directors has also been established. The Nomination Committee is chaired by Jane Tufnell.

The terms of reference of the Board and its committees can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

The Board
Nomination Committee
Remuneration Committee
Audit and Risk Committee

Further information regarding the membership and activities of the Board committees can be found in the latest Annual Report and Accounts.