Key financial highlights

KPIs Half year
30 Sep 18
Half year
30 Sep 17
31 Mar 18
AUME1 - US Dollars $61.8bn $61.2bn $62.2bn
Client numbers 66 59 60
Management fees £11.4m £12.0m £23.5m
Operating profit margin 32% 31% 31%
Basic earning per share 1.63 pence 1.55 pence 3.03 pence
Ordinary dividend per share 1.15 pence 1.15 pence 2.30 pence
Special dividend per share nil pence nil pence 0.50 pence


1 As a currency manager Record manages only the impact of foreign exchange and not the underlying assets, therefore its “assets under management” are notional rather than real. To distinguish this from the AUM of conventional asset managers, Record uses the concept of assets under management equivalents “AUME” and by convention this is quoted in US dollars.